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Trucking Accidents

The interstates and roadways in West Virginia and the Tri-State area are flooded with tractor-trailers and large trucks hauling coal, lumber and other materials. When someone is involved in an automobile accident with such a heavy and powerful piece of machinery, the damages and injuries can be devastating. Victims of these types of accident are at a high risk of catastrophic injury.

truck accidents

Huntington Truck Accident Lawyers

Being involved in a truck crash can result in anything from whiplash to death. We can help you to receive compensation to cover medical bills, recover lost wages, future medical treatment and other losses due to the accident. Woelfel & Woelfel are proven personal injury attorneys who understand the difficulties you are facing.

Working With Us

By calling us as early as possible, we can ensure that valuable evidence is preserved and witnesses are found. Physical evidence at an accident scene quickly disappears. Other relevant evidence may be destroyed within days of the accident. It is important to contact us immediately so that we may begin working towards the success of your case. Trucking accidents aren’t the same as car crashes. There are unique regulations that apply to commercial vehicles. We have the expertise to protect you in this type of claim.

The types of damages you may be entitled to include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Property damages
  • Emotional damage
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Diminished earning capacity

We can help you to evaluate the real value of a claim and determine liability. It is critical to work with an experienced trucking accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the help you need.

To speak with an experienced trucking accident lawyer and 18-wheeler crash attorney, call Woelfel & Woelfel LLP immediately at (800) 803-6249.

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I injured my back in a car accident. I owed thousands to Doctors, missed work and was afraid I would never be active again. However I met with Mike and Matt and their firm guided me through the tough times, fought hard on my behalf and resolved my claim without ever filing a lawsuit. These guys are the best.

-A Happy Client